GYB: A Lion in the Company of Hyenas

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Recently, I watched a clip wherein Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) expressed shock as to why no prominent Ebira politician obtained expression of interest form for the position of governor under the umbrella of the opposition party; PDP. He berated this attitude of, as the African saying goes, putting all the eggs in one basket.

I couldn’t help but to conclude that the man actually meant well for Anebira.

To be truthful to God for the sake of posterity, we cannot deny that GYB had managed to confer on Ebiraland some benefits which wouldn’t have made it to the land, but for his emergence as governor. Truly, he has some semblance of a lion.

However, his case is like that of a lion that vent into the jungle with hyenas as co-hunters. At a glance of a game, the hyenas stay startle while the lion hunts alone. Once the game is killed, the hyenas shoulder it and announce the supremacy of the team to the jungle.

In a senatorial district that produced a sitting governor, and the said governor has some landmark infrastructures to the benefit of the district, what would reasonably be expected is that his appointees from the district would merely complement the legacy in pursuit of their political career.

It’s however unfortunate for the so called appointees as they are beclouded by selfishness and arrogance from grasping the opportunity freely reposed to them. Thus, each time they need the support of their subjects, they have to lure their principal into the scene so that the latter would have no option (of course, to retain their loyalty) but to rescue them through any means possible.

As fate had it, push came to shove in the just concluded senatorial election. The ancient adage said two good heads are better than one. But in a situation where more than ten supposedly good heads failed in a competition with a single one, that those ten heads are actually good is doubtful. Marrying this with fact, a nursing woman singly won four out of the five local governments in the district while all the Kogi central appointees in the GYB cabinet converged to win only one local government.

Ladies and gentlemen, shame has no better description!

To avoid committing fallacy of sweeping generalisation, I recognize that some of them, albeit very few, are good, but unfortunately guilty by association. However, the fact remains that most of them are condemned men living on a borrowed time. And when the time expires, they would exit politics in the same manner they entered it: with a hungry stomach!.

– Ahmad Abdulganiyy Anda, a student, writes from Kano.
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