Why it is Difficult to End Insecurity in Ankpa

For a few years, Ankpa local government area of Kogi state has been struggling with insecurity which has called for much attention and how to put an end to this ugly menace is still unknown. All the leaders seem short of ideas in proffering a lasting solution to the problem. It is an irony to […]

Pius Kolawole: Making Yagba West the Economic Nerve Center of Kogi State

Some of the critical variables to be considered in the choice of leadership are capacity and competency. This is indefatigably demonstrated by the Executive Chairman of Yagba West Local Government, Hon. Pius Kolawole in his efforts geared towards making Yagba West the economic nerve center of Kogi State. The massive capacity, wholesome commitment displayed by […]

Educated But Jobless: A Call to Action

Imagine a graduate with top-notch emblem for excellence seeking for job in a country where politicians collect billions in the guise of wardrobe allowance. How do we describe a situation where EMPLOYMENT is only taught as topic in Economics but a mystery in reality? What then is the sense in paying heavily to gain knowledge […]

2023 Presidency: Why Gov. Yahaya Bello is Better Option

The calls to have Gov. Yahaya Bello as the country’s next President may not be a surprise for anyone who is familiar with our socio-political landscape knowing that he meets the requirements needed to become the panacea to solving the myraid of the nation’s challenges. The unprecedented calls for Governor Yahaya Bello from every corner […]

How Governor Yahaya Bello Raises the Youths as Leaders of Today

Professor Pius Adesanmi [of blessed memory] would always lament the reduction of Nigerian youth to handbags and mobile phones minders for the political elites. He was right. This grim ordeal made the youths quite hopeless because those who, by natural sequence, ought to be having their rests and playing advisory roles, felt it was not […]

Attah Igala Stool: Skewed Process and the Gathering Storm

The succession contest for the paramount Igala royal stool must rank as one of the least rancorous and acrimonious globally. For a stool so revered that its occupant is literally idolized by the subjects spread across several states in Nigeria from the North Central, to the North East, South East and South South Geo-Political Zones, […]

The ‘Rebel Governor’, Fani-Kayode and Scare of ‘Achan Effects’

Achan, have you read about him in the holy book? how he disobeyed God’s instruction for children of Israel not to touch properties of those defeated in war. Achan went ahead to take some raiments home. Because of that, thousands of Isrealite soldiers were killed in that battle. Similarly, when you hobnob with people of […]

Death of Visiting Diaspora Nigerians, Insecurity and Future on the Edge

In the last three years, the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, NIDCOM, have reported that remittances into Nigeria hovers around 25 billion dollars. This translates to about 6.1 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product, GDP, and about 83 percent of Nigeria’s annual budget. The above figure translates to Nigeria receiving the highest diaspora remittances in Sub […]

IGP’s Service Extension: Why Buhari Got it Wrong

On September 16, 2020, President Muhammadu Buhari signed the Nigeria Police Force (Establishment) Bill into law. The law replaces its 1943 colonial antecedent which has regulated the Nigeria Police Force for 77 years with several provisions becoming obsolete over time. The Bill was passed by both chambers of the National Assembly by July 2020. The […]

COVID-19: The Rebel Governor, Presidential Taskforce and Conspiracy Theory

In modern history, there has never been an outbreak of pandemic that generated so much controversy like the ravaging coronavirus pandemic. Even the dreadful days of HIV/AIDS was never this dreaded and theatrical to say the least. The conspiracy theory surrounding Covid-19 is not limited to Nigeria, however, the Governor of the ‘Confluence State’, as […]