Sustaining Ethnic Balancing Arrangement in Ajaokuta LGA; Open Letter to Gov Bello

Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello,The Exective Governor of Kogi State,Lokoja. Your Excellency Sir, SUSTAINING THE ETHNIC BALANCING ARRANGEMENT IN AJAOKUTA LGA I write to bring to your attention the urgent need to sustain the existing ethnic balancing arrangement in political representation in Ajaokuta Local Government Area. However, before I dig deep into this, I want to […]

CUSTECH College of Medicine; Bello Shows True Colour

In a move that caught everyone unawares, Governor Yahaya Bello commissioned a committee secretly to draw up a budget to establish and fund a College of Medicine in the newly established Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH). In a shadowy manner, the dark committee came out of nowhere to present a report to Bello […]

Towards Effective Policing in Nigeria

The Nigerian Police Force is an outdated, inefficient and corruption-ridden institution that lacks the ability to fight crime in the 21st century. The lawlessness of the Fulani herdsmen has yet again brought into focus the heightened insecurity of living in Nigeria. This has led to a number of Southern states to consider expelling them from […]

Hidden Clauses of Devaluation

Last week, Sam, a worker at Grand Cereals Limited received his monthly paycheck of fifty-five thousand naira (55,000). Almost everywhere in the world, paychecks are considered a guest of some great repute.¬†Luckily, Sam had only himself to fend for. With an unequalled financial confidence, Sam took a walk to the store down the street. As […]

Abandoned Ibaji-Idah Road: Bello Still Punishing Achuba?

Awarded by Governor Yahaya Bello in 2017, work is yet to commence on the Ibaji-Idah road in the Ibaji local government area, Kogi state. As at today, the state of the road that connects South Eastern parts of Nigeria, through Anambra state, is worrisome as it is practically impassable. This has paralysed economic activities of […]

Devaluation: The Gospel of Foreign Lenders

¬†According to the word web dictionary, devaluation is simply ” the official lowering of a nation’s currency…” or ” The reduction of something’s value or worth”. Unfortunately, this is and will always be the sermon conveyed to developing nations for every time they opt for foreign assistance. After all there is no free lunch in […]

If Only We Can Get Yahaya Bello to be Our Next President

In times past, nation-states abound with gods. The ancient times are long gone and the tendency is to assume that there are no new gods on earth. Christians will even argue that with God, there is no need for gods again. Muslims are wont to argue that Allah is sufficient for us all. It is […]

Governor Bello and the New e-Minion Hirelings

I do not, as I have umpteenth times said, begrudge those who choose to praise Governor Bello today against their critical assessment of his bad governance yesterday. It is a good thing to extol, for the sake of one’s own personal benefit, the government one found to be diseased previously as a darling today even […]

Austin Usman Okai: The Long Journey to Political Stardom

In 2003, we were Facebook activists and budding journalists. I came from my background as a political economist, a believer in good governance and rights advocate. I was always writing articles on idealistic topics of good governance. Then one day I received an invite into a Facebook group; the CoreMiddleBelt Value. Every known son of […]