Yahaya Bello is Embarrassing Kogi State With Needless, Avoidable Gaffes – APDA Chairman


Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has been accused of embarrassing the people of the state with his recent policies and utterances.

The Chairman of Advanced People’s Democratic Alliance (APDA), Kogi State chapter, Honourable Abdulmumini Ibrahim, in a chat with newsmen in Lokoja, said the governor has made Kogi people a butt of local and national jokes with his repeated actions.

Abdulmumini stated that Bello’s unintelligent adoption of Cattle Colony policy, plan to sell government assets to fund 2018 budget and his recent verbal goof on Catholic Bishops are unbecoming of a governor.

“Bello is insensitive to the plight of the good people of Kogi state. He makes us laughing stock as he is always goofing in needless and avoidable situations. This is not healthy for the people of the state.

“In a healthy democracy, protests, publishing views and opinion in the media help bring issues that are not in tune with people’s interest to the attention of government. When we write, talk or protest to ventilate our grievances, we expect that government will hear and feel the pulse of the people but it is like Governor Bello and his aides are not reading at all. They have turned deaf ears to all what the people are saying. It is unhealthy and terrible for the state.

“I had decided to keep quiet because I felt Bello must have been touched by the litany of condemnations and protests that greeted his decision on cattle colony. However, his defiance has not come as a surprise. The government is bereft of ideas and is quick to grab concept that looks good on paper. Kogi state is not the right place for that type of policy. Kogi shares border with about nine states, with cattle colony you are endangering the lives of Kogi people. How do you handle the attendant security challenge? How many borders can you monitor? Kogi is not like some states with three or four borders. There are too many basic issues the government fails to consider before rushing into the colony concept.

“While we are still mourning this colony goof, we heard the government is planning outright sale of state government assets to fund 2018 budget. This is another confirmation that Bello is bereft of ideas.  These are long term projects executed to benefit the people of the state.

“Agreed, we are short of infrastructures and faced with all sorts of challenges but selling off these assets is unwise. What is in 2018 budget that is different from 2017 budget? Why selling off our assets instead of putting them into proper use? What are you going to sell to fund 2019 and subsequent budgets. The plan is baseless. No state can stand on zero assets. Turn the assets to money-spinning ventures.

“I urge him to get a consultant to help him with good ideas if he can’t take the ones we give him on the pages of newspapers.

“2016-2017 was the most prosperous in the history of the state. We had the bailout fund, multiple tranches of Paris Club refund, refund of monies spent by previous administration on FG infrastructure but we cannot point to a kilometer of road constructed with these funds,” he said.

Speaking on the Governors alleged response to the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Nigeria, Abdulmumini advised Bello to tender unreserved apology to the priests.

“Bishops visited President Buhari and presented the true feelings of Nigerians to him. They were frank with issues that Mr. President’s cabinet member might be afraid to tell him. They left Mr. President in good spirit. They were satisfied with responses and assurances from Mr President. But our Governor, Yahaya Bello went to same Aso Rock and alleged that the Bishops’ claims that Nigerians are angry with Mr. Presidents stems from the inability of looters to pay tithes in churches. His unwarranted outbursts is causing more harm than good for Mr. President. He should tender unreserved apology to the Catholic.

“Bello must stop embarrassing us. Other Nigerians question our level of intelligence because of our governor’s embarrassing gaffes.

“I want to use this medium to apologise to the Priests. APDA is looking forward to a good and better Kogi state after 2019 elections.”

The APDA leader mourned the demise of General John Shagaya. He condoled with the people and government of Plateau state on the great loss.

4 thoughts on “Yahaya Bello is Embarrassing Kogi State With Needless, Avoidable Gaffes – APDA Chairman

  1. Odih4sure

    This APDA Chairman has sense, and talks really responsibly sensibly. I wish somebody would learn from these words of advice

  2. ekele o.m

    pls my ppl of kogite ,may d Lord BLS u all. see I like mini,s advice to d gov. his xcellency is d youngest of d 36 state govs which surprise to b an added advantage to d state bt wht w re seing s d revise of it,. maybe is BCOS nobody voted him into office, he s doing d bid of d Fulani people DT appointed him,who knows. he must repent b/4 d NXT transtn nd perform well so DT kogite ppl can vote for him.


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