Press Statement: Governor Bello and His Prodigal Style of Leadership

It is no longer news that the incumbent leadership of Kogi state is toying with the fortunes of every indigene of Kogi state because the resultant effect of bad leadership is often suffered by the masses; born and unborn.
To this end, Kogi Youths Round-table is calling on Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello to desist from his new idea baked in the oven of his kindergarten pursuits geared towards the sell of state owned assets he inherited from his successors. No doubts, we have a prodigal governor who wields the penchant of lavishing our collective state allocation on frivolities and personal luxury.
It is on record that there was a similar attempt to sell the moribund Ajaokuta Steel Company which was later bursted. The decision to sell other assets in the state is not necessary and it is a shameful quest never to be dreamt because once again it is dead on arrival.
As a group, we advise the flamboyant Governor to trash his new juvenile styled aberrations because it is intolerable and ignorantly demonic. Kogi state is not his patriarchal inheritance and he should not be politically extreme in taking decisions because the impression is long lasting and he should be ready to answer questions at the end of his tenure.
We are politically aware that he is creating these arrays of problems in the state before the end of his one term tenure thereby creating numerous avenue for his successor to be labeled as a failure. This is a quick reminder: Stop creating problems you cannot solve because karma is a beast.
We are poised to celebrate any laudable development orchestrated by you and we are always on standby to ensure your leadership style is people oriented and all encompassing.
Kogi state assets and treasury is not a factional loot.
On the whole, we hope the earlier idealism you charted, sponsoring the evil lines of establishing cattle colonies has been trashed accordingly because we are not ready to risk the lives of our people.
Be guided!
God bless Kogi state!!

– Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

Director, Media and Publicity

For: Kogi Youths Round-table

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