PDP Youth Decries Frequent Assassination Attempts on Members of Opposition in Kogi

National Coordinator of the PDP National Youth Frontier, Comrade Usman Okai Austin has condemned ‎the current security situation in Kogi State including the series of assassination targeted at people opposed to the present administration in the state.
Comrade Okai appealed to the Inspector general of police to rise up to the occasion as the State Police Command has been colonised and turned into an arm of the state government.
Comrade Okai lamented an existence of a well crafted plan to eliminate members of the opposition especially those of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP)  in the state without response from the police authorities in Kogi State.
Okai said the group  arrived at this conclusion as  many attempts to eliminate some key PDP members in the state like the Anyigba ward youth leader, Omachi Isaac Achor and the former chairman Dekina  local government area who doubles as one of the leaders of the PDP in Dekina local government Hon. Adejoh Akowe.
He warned on the consequences of the power that be in Kogi state clamping down on opposition elements as it negates the practice of democracy which might degenerate to anarchy if not nipped in the bud and arrested immediately.
The prominent leader of the largest youth group in the PDP berated the state government new security outfit “Operation Lion Roar” as a ploy to hid under ‎security arrangement to unleash assassination, destruction, arson, maiming and kidnap in the eastern and western zones of the state with the aid of the state police command against the perceived enemies of the present leadership.
Comrade Okai stated that reports at is disposal indicate a grand plan to import mass arms and ammunition to the two zones to inflict needless violence on innocent people as build up to political activities next year and subsequently.
He therefore appealed to PDP members to remain calm and not declare fire for fire or take laws into their hands as efforts are been made to tackle whoever is using the privilege of being at the corridor of power  to inflict injuries on hapless citizens as means of countering the rising unpopularity of the present administration by appropriate legal and lawful means.
PDP National Youth Frontier finally challenged top police heirachy ‎in Kogi State for not acting as an unbiased security umpire and therefore warned against further attacks on the party or any other opposing voices in kogi State, saying the euporhia that heralded the resumption of the new police commissioner is gradually waning and may die due to sheer complicity and meddlesomeness.
“We are still shock and surprised that despite two assassination attempts, the Police Command in Kogi  State is still mute over the sad development.”
“How can a government that has refused to meet up basic obligations and social contract on its citizens resort to chasing people away from their abode through mass elimination having realised that returning to power or winning elections on the party platform is unrealistic” the PDPNYF Coordinator wondered.