Opinion: The Weakling Instincts of Kogi East Elders’ Council

In active politics, squabbling for image laundry,  damage preference and political propaganda between the proponent and opponent politician goes along with its fundamentals. You don’t retaliates an opponent’s bad will in lesser or same proportion. Rather, you measure the relativity of  damages incurred at that particular critical period. Hence, you retaliates in a bigger  proportion  since all hovered  on politics of  attacks and defence with enormity.

The Kogi East Elders’ Council pronouncement on GYB administration portrays an emerging tribal hostility against the statehood with the following cues.
1. The elders are the die hearted and casted tribal lords that engages themselves in ethnicity, corruption, nepotism and greediness right from immemorial . Thus, they are symbol of disunity in Kogi State.
2. Overtly, the council has done their  acclaimed oversights function  on GYB but fortunately providing us with the needed intelligence dossier and  alibi   for a way forward. It came at a good time. Confirm whom you are beyond logic, and you will be kept abreast of what I am  beyond imagination.
3. The elders weakling instincts has remarkable misplaced and devalued their status as an elder statesmen. Exceptionally, their counselling could have been unique and absorbable to GYB’s administration if only advanced with good will. Unfortunately, they exposed their tribal agenda without any reservation.
4. The elders preference to communicate with the GYB leadership  through  publications rather than sitting with the governor to address such topical issues with His Excellency  is an inkling absurdity. Sequel to the above, most of their  reservations as published becomes were mere imaginations on government policy thrusts . Quite an appalling and infringing morality of statehood among such an elders. Yes, they have issues but   riddled with obnoxious substance. Elders are supposed to be the last calls.
5. Notables elders in the council which includes   Sen. Ahmadu Ali, Air Marshal Atawodi and Arch. Gabriel Adudu mitigated their national relevance, values and prominence. Hence, they lost their total pledge to the nation along with their faithfulness and royalty.  Kogi State is now their political directrix. Here we are!  The remains of a whole political entity  called Sen. Ahmadu Ali. This man once described Kogi Central as a lawless area that believes in vengeance without police reports in most cases during a television interview on the crisis in Okene . He might be right. But he was in full picture of the former governor’s indirect contributions to the crisis in Ebira land which they collectively availed and treasured it for political gain.
6. The Social political difference among members were suddenly downplayed by these elders because of GYB. Just too funny. Quite typical of tribal loyalist. Ask for their political affiliations, social background and their relationship with the previous Kogi State Leadership. Hypocrisy of the moment.
5. Based on the elders’ submission, their critical review of GYB administration shows nothing worth praising for or good  enough for public delight. Evil mechanization of the first order.
The issue can’t be handled with levity since the elders are grossly biased and unrepentant. The following measures are recommended.
1. GYB needs to call for an emergency meeting among cabinet members. Let him hear the version of the Kogi East cabinet members on the elders publications.  Hence, the test of their integrity  and loyalty level will emerge.
2. GYB should equally summon a meeting among the Kogi State Council of Traditional Rulers and formally present the Kogi East Elders Council remarks to them. We need to streamline the responsibility and functions of elders forum on state affairs as it will redefines unity and perseverance.
3. Having done that, let the political leader from Kogi East in the GYB cabinet announce their position on the matter.  Similarly, let us hear from the Attah of Igala on the side of the traditional council members.
4. To avoid any unforeseeable political implications, GYB should unequivocally avoid commenting on the issue. It is mainly an affairs to be handled by the Kogi East. His Excellency did something tangible to their area. Elders shouldn’t pay GYB this way.
5. The KOGI State Elders Committee should equally show case their relevance and existence. A litmus test to them.
6. While keeping tabs with the present circumstances and reality based on the elders pronouncement , any subsequent nagging and rascality from the tribal lords aptly deserves selective personality damage on Sen. Ahmadu Ali, Air Marshal Atawodi and Arch. Gabriel Adudu. They have cross the red line.
7. The elders within the APC enclave should come up and present their  reservations on the elders. They are benefiting from GYB administration. Hence, keeping mute is unacceptable.
I thought the Kogi East Elders Council will  frantically prevails on their people to allow Kogi Central have automatic second term of office for the position of governor as a way of creating unity and brotherhood. We can no longer be only part of Kogi State. We should are part and parcel of it. A fundamental issue.
Exceptionally, I expect the youth in Kogi State to be proactive towards anything marauding  and betraying their futures as it affects unity . Tribal propaganda should not be welcomed  from this elders. Their activities somehow undermines the state unity.
They are not satisfied with the egalitarian system of GYB administration. Overzealous ones  that should be repenting for their inhumanity records as it leverage on their aging capacity are indirectly preaching for anarchy and disunity.
Having said that, GYB should accept his mistake on salary palaver and the non reconciliation process. We can’t sacrifice second term.
Good day and God bless.
– Alh. Salihu Ibrahim writes from Kano.

2 thoughts on “Opinion: The Weakling Instincts of Kogi East Elders’ Council

  1. Joseph

    Who is deceiving who? If Yahaya Bello expects every one to worship him despite his colossal failure, he is deceiving himself. He should be told that Igala Elders can not be as gullible as some ‘onijekuje’ elders from Kabba.
    Okun (our) people should better learn from their Igala brothers before they turn themselves to slaves.

  2. Inah Isaac

    For a Kano man to comment on Kogi political reality is to me an aberration of the highest order. Also suggesting the module of threat to cow a section of the state from asserting their position on state governance portrays the subjectivity of the writer, thereby making him guilty of ethnic bigotry which he is accusing others. I think diaspora writers should not be taken seriously.

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