Open Letter to Gov. Bello on Bad Roads In Kogi

Your Excellency sir, it is with due respect and honour to your office, and heart full of pains and grievance that I write to you today.
Your Excellency sir, without taking much of your time, I would like to go straight to the point which is the situation of our road that is in a dilapidated state.
With due respect sir, our road has become a nightmare to the entire Nigerian students. It is no longer motorable and we are crying out loud. The condition of this road has brought about many changes; though negative changes like change in transportation fee. Delay on the road due to potholes and swamps. Constant accident, fighting among road users due to bad road networks.
Overtime, people will say that road constructions belongs to the federal government. Now the big question is, what happen to other states like Anambra where federal roads projects is been carried out by the state ? Well if the state would not do this road for us, then let them attract the federal government to come and do it. That’s why we voted them.
The newly rehabilitated various roads within Kogi East, but most of these roads are of poor quality and have already started fading away within a short time of their construction. Also always look like a refuse dump site any time it rains because of the decayed state of the road drainages. Moreover, the abandoned drainage construction poses a great threat to the pedestrians. This poor state of the road has caused heavy flooding in various parts of the state.
Sir, I also want you to look into the poor construction works of contractors handling various road projects in the state. It is shameful that in less than two years of construction, many of the roads are already fading away especially the road in Igalamela LGA, Ajaka, my country home.
The surface of the road is broken by the heavy rains. The first showers of August break put the road in its worst shape. We are in deep distress in this account. Mere trekking can easily trigger an acute tachycardia.
Below are some of the views of people and students concerning the road :
“We almost looses our energy each time we trek on the road to school and the state of the road is so bizarre” – student.
“Severally I have fell down on this road please our Governor should looks into this matter seriously and take prompt and necessary action to save us of this problem ” – villager.
Our market used to be a no-go-area to many commuters and motorists owing to its deplorable condition. The nightmare that has come to be associated with this road has made some landlords to abandon their houses and become tenants in other areas.
I cannot but appeal to the governor to provide good road network. I really feel sorry for the pregnant mothers plying those bad roads on daily basis because as I was told, some expectant mothers have had miscarriages because of the bad road.
In the wake of the recent intensive rainfall, the issue of bad road has become a pertinent matter – requiring urgent lasting solution – as floods threaten to destroy our homes and properties. The sound of a rushing rainfall remains an impediment to the well-being of your people – who call on your help.
– Alfa Tijani, a media aficionado, writes from Kogi state .