Lokoja: Agony of a state capital – Bala Nayashi


Since the creation of Kogi State, with its capital in Lokoja, in 1991, the town had passed through various stages of development in its quest to  meet up  with other developing parts of the country, which were created same time with it.

Lokoja, blessed with human and natural resources, has witnessed tremendous achievements through the inputs of past  leaders who had governed the  state since its creation.

Lokoja, presently, is becoming a shadow of itself, due to the  lack of good  network of roads in the ancient town.

Of grave concern to the people are the roads between Olusegun Obasanjo Square through Murtala Mohammed Way, that links NITEL but  which are now in bad shape. Also, the Marine Road that links the New Market to International Market, connecting Abuja Road, though dualised,  has narrow drainages.

Most of the roads in the town have become an eyesore, and even worse  when there is a heavy downpour. The drainages are so narrow such that it cannot contain the volume of water that pass underneath.

It is worrying that though there are two big rivers in the town, the water is not drinkable, owing largely to the nature of water construction works in the town.

Although it is strategically located in the central part of the country , and attracts visitors on a daily basis, to view the historical sites of the town, the visitors are not happy with the situation of the ancient town.

We believe state capitals are windows through which states’ progresses are measured.

This is a town that cannot even boast of functional street lights, good lawns and other things that give state capitals befitting  outlook. It seems Lokoja is the worst state capital in the country.

We would appreciate  it, if the state governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris,  could step up efforts in giving the ancient town the much needed facilities.

Bala Nayashi,
No 1, Yashi Area, Lokoja,
Kogi State.