Kogi Youths Celebrate Prime Abubakar


The youngest special assistant in Kogi State, Prime Abubakar has proved to me and many that talents will always attract love. The turn out during his birthday shows and tells a lot about this.

It’s for me a big and in-explainable privilege of having him in Kogi state. He has really done a lot at the grassroot level; fashion wise, political awareness and has brought to many the importance of education and the need for education in the land.

My expectation was to see him celebrating his birthday at the best hotel in Lokoja, which I know for sure he is capable of doing, but he decided to celebrate with the youth. This for me, is a birthday and a celebration of togetherness and oneness.

He is a perfect example of a man with a special and unique grace, I calls him a man that is too much for one nation or Mr. versatile because of his rare and very unique style and approach of handling issues and of getting things done.

Your political performance has for sure contributes to the massive show of love event and I wonder if you did studied political related course during your days in university but when talents speaks.

How can I really thank God for all these attributes without giving honour to whom honour is due and by using this big privilege to appreciate and acknowledge the NYCN Chairman, Oladele John Nihi for his ability to make things happen out of nothing, OJN has made men and still making men – the real attribute of a Jagaban.

How I wish that the Prime kind of love can be shared to the entire Kogites and all importantly to ourselves as youths.

I am proud of you as a friend and as a brother because, Aiyegunle Gbede has brought us smile again for giving us a rare gem like you.

Happy Birthday To Prime Abubakar In Arrears!

– Ajibola Olaniyi Bernard.