Kogi Ministerial Nominee: Gov Bello’s Utterance Depicts Ulterior Motive – Igala Vangaurd


A socio-political group, Igala Vanguard, has described the statement credited to Kogi State Governor, through his aide Kingsley Fanwo, as parochial and sectional.

In a statement signed by the convener, Engineer Lawrence Akpa, the group said it is aware of the governor’s moves to recommend his surrogates from Igala area of the state as replacement for late Chief James Ocholi SAN as minister of the Federal republic of Nigeria.
The group also alleged that the current move to “impose a lackey from the Igala axis is coming after all efforts to influence the appointment of his kinsman failed to fly due to the current crisis in the Presidency”.

Igala vanguard wondered why the governor’s aide would describe peaceful protesters as ‘political jobbers’.
“The present development and agitation for replacement of late Barrister Ocholi has clearly exposed the hidden agenda of Yahaya Bello’s administration to scuttle the progress of Igala race through pretense”, it said.
“What is wrong with peaceful and legitimate agitation for the replacement of an Igala minister six months after the demise of Ocholi? But it is morally right for Gov Bello to recommend two Ebira sons as Ambassadors at the expense of the Igala majority in the state.
“The two ambassadorial nominees from Kogi state are both from Kogi Central. Kogi East and Kogi West are completely alienated and this is because Governor Bello wants it that way.
“Our youths were only engaged in a peaceful protest aiming at drawing the attention of the President to the present predicament of Igala Kingdom and to our greatest surprise, Kingsley Fanwo described them as Jobbers and Criminals! Kogi state government must be educated that nobody can stop any group from organising legitimate protests.

“We call on Kingsley Fanwo and other paid media agents of the state government to weigh the political implications of public statements before pushing such out next time to guide against fanning embers of discord in the state.

The group urged the entire Igala public opinion analysts, critics and leaders to double their efforts to ensure the replacement of late Barrister Ocholi is done with equity in mind.


15 thoughts on “Kogi Ministerial Nominee: Gov Bello’s Utterance Depicts Ulterior Motive – Igala Vangaurd

  1. Omale

    The complaints of this group are too many. Let them shut up, I beg. Just about one year, you are making this kind of complaints. Our people rule for 18 years carted all the positions in Kogi and the federal level. When all these were happening, I always tried to remind my people that one day power must shift from us that they should be fair in their dealing but refused. Where was the Igala vanguard when our people were marginalising others. Let us just keep quiet and learn our lesson

  2. I. B. SALIU

    Who are the members of this faceless group ? People shouldn’t be perturbed concerning their tears,until it is blood. If you know the governor as to where he comes from and his determination,then the group will chill dawn and shun sentiment. God has spoken. More justice,equity and fear play is on the way. You either believe in God or continue with Gods.Hence,you either break or you bend.

  3. I. B. SALIU

    The Ebira people convinced the Okun speaking areas to concede the first governorship position in Kogi State to the Igala people that brought the then Gov.(Late)Audu to the seat of power. That is brotherhood. What follows then:- Segregation,Oppression and Marginalization against non-Igala areas. Then, the discovering of Igala majority.Then, God ventured in. Who is not uniting? The flushed out ghost workers now formed the Igala Vanguard. More of their details concerning their sponsors is in the offering.

  4. musa musa

    mr yahaya bello u try but there is one thing remaining which is salary please do something that will make us to vote for u in the next election.

  5. Uthman Yunusa

    We should not be prisoner of the past let start as one united family so as to create a good atmosphere for governance.

  6. Femi Aniki

    I’m Sincerely proud of Gov. YAB in the area of Security and infrastructural development in Kogi State. Just do your best and leave the rest. As the youngest governor in Nigeria, the future is bright and don’t be distracted your Excellency. Thumb up for you Sir.

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