Kogi Govt Attribute Increase in Waste to Population


The Kogi State Government has attributed the increase in refuse waste in the city capital to a quantum increase in population and a mismatch in the ability to collect the refuse.

Yomi Awoniyi stated this when he paid a visit to the Kogi State Designated waste site located at Felele, that has been overwhelmed by refuse from Lokoja town.

Awoniyi said the state government is aware of the embarrassing situation caused by the refuse, said the town’s population has grown exponentially leading to more waste, but with no complimentary capacity by government agency to collect them, assured that efforts is on going to engage the services of private companies to participate in waste collection in the city’s capital.

The government, Awoniyi stated has concluded plans for residents to pay levies for waste disposal, disclosing that it will aid in effective waste disposal and collection, and appealed to citizens to buy into the programs for refuse collection by the state government.

Awoniyi disclosed that the commitment of government to waste management led to the establishment of the first dump site by the present administration, urged the people to put their waste in designated containers provided by the government rather than placing them on the road divide.

Awoniyi added that the state government has also signed a Memoranda of Understanding with Cana Resources to help turn waste to into wealth, said the organization has been given the C of O to enable it build it’s plant in Felele.

The Deputy Governor added that the state sanitation and waste management board has also been repositioned for effective waste management, and described effective management of refuse as the responsibility of all and sundry, thus appealed for the cooperation of the people.