Kogi East Senate Tussle: Aidoko’s Counsel Queries Sitting During Vacation

Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has commenced hearing of Air Marshal Isaac Alfa’s appeal against Senator Atai Aidoko Ali.
Aidoko has secured a favourable ruling at the Appeal Court December last year proclaiming him the duly elected Senator to represent Kogi East. The Supreme Court dismissed Alfa’s appeal on June 16 this year and ordered for a re-trial at the High Court.
On resumption of fresh sitting at the High Court, Aidoko’s counsel, Patrick Ekweator challenged the veracity of hearing a political case while the courts are on vacation. He said the idea is a misnomer as vacation cases are pressing issues of national importance.
Ekweator appealed for the extension of the case but the trial judge adjourned the case to 28th of August for the continuation of the hearing.