Ijumu: The Bond

In recent times, I have often observed the political happenings in Ijumu Local Government with keen interest. Putting into consideration where we were yesterday, where we are today and where we hope to be in the nearest future.
Without mixing an atom of sentiment and little flavour of sycophancy to please any individual, let me quickly hype myself with great confidence via my personal assessment in conjunction with verifiable facts. I will be bold to say it anywhere and anytime that the synergy between the Kogi State House of Assembly member representing Ijumu state constituency, most distinguished Hon. Victor Adewale Omofaiye (VAO) and his brother, the Administrator of same Local Government Area, who doubled as the ALGON Chairman of Kogi State, in person of Hon.Taufiq Isah (the Jagaban of Okun Nation) has been encouraging and it is expected other Local Governments imitate their styles of politics for the interest of the masses.
They are Leaders worthy to be emulated.
The relationship has been inspiring and I respect the duo for their political understanding as they play a progressive type of politics against all odds.
Oh Yes!
There is absolute need to respect the principle of Separation of Power, but for the betterment and interest of “Common Man” who say progressive collaboration is a taboo?
The both are blessed when it comes to humility and their people oriented programs have drawn them much more closer to the grassroots.
They know every nook and cranny of towns and villages in the Local Government, leaders of each wards and have projects across each ward.
They use their influences to lobby for placements for their people from the Federal and State Governments and personally supervise the process until success is achieved.
Very detrabilised in nature and void of religious sentiments, Ijumu is blessed with the duo.
It is only when the “Bond” is beyond scoring cheap political points, praise singing and sycophancy that we will tend to see the bigger picture which has elevated the duo amongst others.
They both have one common interest – “the interest of the people”!
I truly believe in positive political synergy which is better than my way or your way. But simply our way! Alone, we are only as powerful as we try to be.
Together, the power that we possess is multiplied and radiated to counter any external force. We can only do so much as an individual, but together we can accomplish feats we did not even know were possible.
Hence, I call on the followers to emulate the leadership styles of distinguished Hon. Victor Adewale Omofaiye and Hon. Taufiq Isa…We are stronger together!
The Struggle for 2019 has just began…God cannot lie!
– Prime Abubakar