How Does The 2011 Election Affect Anebira: Comments from


The 2011 election has come and past ! what is the outcome of our tribe as ANEBIRA in this coming next year election of Gorn. who can we send as our Gorn. to repsent us in the federation is’t anigara or ANEBIRAL please let us think and gain something in this coming election of 2012 –  umaru sule omeiza

With the minimum violence recorded in the elections, and attendant emergence of dark horses, which i hope would be better representatives at various levels. i look forward to a better political recognition for the Ebiras. – Yusuf Kareem Itopa

Kogi central that dominate the anebirans can be referd to as one of the poorest nd most maginalized senatorial district in Nigeria, This is bcos we the ebiras do not know our ryts as citizens especially the youths…… i kip saying it, nd i will contonue to say it, wateva happens to Ebira ppl today, is not the fault of the thugs nor is it the fault of the politicians, rather it is the fualt of the masses, this is because if we allow our votes to be counted, nd @ d same tym vote 4 credible ppl, we wil av leaders representing us @ the fedral levels, when i mean leaders i dont mean (utor panyi panyi) i mean vibrant ppl. – comrade isha Albert Omeiza

Thank you. As long as we have credible people in there to represent us, we should not really care about the centre. Deen Abatemi should hold forth for anebira until the next dispensation. – James Onipe

I just pray that the Presidency does not think we did anti party. Because it was obvious we massively voted CPC. May God help Anebira – Salihu Ahmed