Fulani Herdsman Allegedly Cuts-off Farmer’s Hand and Ear in Idah


A Fulani herdsman narrowly escaped mob-justice in Idah yesterday for allegedly cutting off a farmer’s hand and ear.

According our source in Idah, the herdsman led his cattle to Mr Okpanachi’s cassava farm leading to disagreement between the duo. The herdsman allegedly attacked Okpanachi and cut-off his hand and ear completely in the process.

The herdsman handed over his cattle to another herdsman and made efforts to run out of town. While waiting for the cab he boarded at the popular Ibro Park to take-off, drivers at the park became curious with the the herdsman’s behaviour which led to questions and eventual search. A human hand was discovered in the herdsman’s bag and the crowd descended on him before soldiers came to the scene to rescue the herdsman from the mob.

It was later discovered that human hand is that of a farmer, Mr. Okpanachi. Residents are still enraged and called for justice.

One thought on “Fulani Herdsman Allegedly Cuts-off Farmer’s Hand and Ear in Idah

  1. Aguma Samuel

    How on earth is all this wickededness going to stop even this fulani herdsmen has gone beyound imergination,OMG this is really an end tym,unbelievable things ar every day happining,pls i asking of all the autoritties not to relent there effort on saving lives nd properties

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