Educationist Urges Stakeholders to Motivate Kogi Teachers to Give Their Best

By Stephen Adeleye.
Government and other stakeholders in education sector in Kogi have been urged to motivate the teachers in the state in order to put in their best in impacting knowledge to the students.
Mrs Bukola Jamgbadi, the Coordinating Evaluator, Federal Education Quality Assurance Service (FEQAS), Federal Ministry of Education, made the call during her visit to Kogi State Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Mrs Rosemary Osikoya, in her office in Lokoja on Thursday.
The educationist also urged the government to provide and equipped laboratories and libraries to facilitate the teaching of practical science subjects and promote independent learning of students.
According to her, Quality Assurance ensures synergy of roles and responsibilities at different levels for comprehensive monitoring and evaluation.
“It focuses on ensuring that the channels of communication and feedback are open, effective and relevant in order to
ensure uniform standards, ownership and sustainability.
“Our office has organised internal induction for Area Evaluators of Education (AIEs) and Evaluators of the State ministry of education to acquaint them on the new method of school evaluation.
“In most schools we visited, staff and learners are involved in decision making as the authorities delegate duties to them through committees and perfectural system to prepare learners for future leadership roles,” she said.
In her remarks, the Commissioner commended the team for their evaluation and recommendations, saying she was impressed about the meeting because the grey areas were identified.
“I am impressed that we have both agree for mutual collaboration which is very important. We are combining our efforts which will also serve as ‘on the job training’ capacity building in the sector.
“Those who are well equipped will also help those who are weak, and by so doing rather than duplicating efforts we will streamline our efforts to have better results.
“I am happy we are starting on a good note and building up the framework of collaboration which is required in the education sector.
“Everybody is a stakeholder in education because all facets in the society have interest in the sector; all stakeholders obviously have their roles to play,” Osikoya said.
She added that the federal and state governments were both policy bodies which collaborated at different levels and worked very well, stressing that there would be limited confusion from the policy point of view.
She said: “There will be a minimal gap like the issues and observations we are making in quality assurance, are both responsibilities of the federal and state governments.
“So, today is the continuation of stakeholders meeting we held recently because we hinted about finding linkages, cooperation and area of streamlining our efforts so that we do not create two layers.
“But rather actually the one layer that is streamlining very well and implementing it as necessary. So, bridging the policy and implementation gap is part of the coordination and cooperation we have to establish and strengthen with the federal ministry of education”.

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