Clarence Olafemi’s Condemnation of Gov. Bello is Unacceptable – Fanwo

The Director General on Media and Publicity to the Governor on Media and Publicity, Kingsley Fanwo has described the allegations raised by a former Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Asiwaju Clarence Olafemi against Governor Yahaya Bello as a clear “disregard of honourable lines of communication”.
He said: “I read the story today and how he made allegations against the Governor. I feel it is not healthy to act that way as an elder.
“Hon. Clarence Olafemi was an Acting Governor in the State and he understands the lines of communication in resolving his fears. For him to go to the media to condemn the Governor is unacceptable and unfair.
“Nobody is disputing the fact that Olafemi worked for the party just like other leaders did, but it will not be right to pull down the building you claimed to have contributed to building. Like the biblical wisdom, we will not allow the baby to be divided with a knife.
“Whatever the Governor or the party did on the Congress was in order. Everyone was invited for a Pre-Congress Stakeholders Meeting but some refused to come. Hon. Olafemi was not even in the country then and I am not sure if the party’s constitution has a proviso for delaying Congress for leaders who were out of the country to participate.
“The Governor is the leader of the party in the State and should be treated with utmost respect even as he is determined to carry all willing members and leaders along. He is the father of the State and has no grudge against anyone.
“Politics is about the people and it is played at the grassroots. The era of godfatherism and diaspora politics is gone. The present administration in the state will continue to deliver to the All Progressives Congress”.
On the allegation that the Governor appointed PDP members into offices, Fanwo said it is an “expired falsehood”, saying those making the allegations are actually hiding their plan to defect to the PDP after losing out in their bases.
“We are aware they want to defect to the PDP because their political godfather is warming up to defect in order to contest the Presidency. The people have moved away from the politics of stipends. Governor Yahaya has liberated the Kogi people”, he said.

5 thoughts on “Clarence Olafemi’s Condemnation of Gov. Bello is Unacceptable – Fanwo

  1. Musa Moses

    If Belloi s not playing politics of stipends why distribute rice, yam and oil? Anyway where was Fanwo when Clarence was on the field working for the victory of APC? If they think their current offices will give them victory at the polls we wish them goodluck.

  2. OJ martins

    Fanwo is just doing the bidding of his pay master,his not a good politician like his master both are just criminal sycophant that are bent on given false information to perpetual their illegal hold to power.

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