Appointment of Education Secretaries in Kogi State: A Case for Concern


My attention as a stakeholder in the education sector has been drawn to the present struggle by riff-raffs in all the local government areas of Kogi state to become education secretaries.

I wish to let everybody know that the edict that appoint education secretary says that an “educationist” is eligible to be appointed. This implies that it is for both serving and retired educationists.

Also, it is not compulsory that he/she must be from the primary sector. It can be from the secondary schools, or any educational institutions.

I am shocked to hear the calibre of school teachers that are aspiring to be education secretary. They have no material and moral worth or skill to run a kindergarten school talkless of over 200 schools !

If things are allowed to go like the way it is going, those that will be appointed to run the schools based on lobby and political affiliations will be nothing less than Almanjiri education secretaries.

It is worthy of note that the present state of education deterioration in the state is majorly attributed to the quality of staff in those areas. The old or retired and experienced teachers are long neglected because of politics and ‘whom you know’. If the state government can not brace up to jettison these local champions who are fully concerned about what they will steal in the office and look for those who will revive the lost glory of education at the primary school level, then we are doomed.

Those running round lobbying, sweeping the houses of APC leaders to get Education Secretary appointment are enemies of teachers who have contributed zero to the development of education in their various domains.

I appeal to the authorities to stop toying with the lives of these kids in the hands of these aspirants who place their kids in private schools to gamble with the future of the poor kids who are definitely the future leaders.

Hon Elesho Joseph Abiodun