Any Politician Not Active on Social Media is Not Worth The Votes of Kogi Youth – Babaeko

I have often times stated that for a state like Kogi, the realities of achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) within the given time will still be an illusion if we do not quickly channel the strength of the young population into exploring ways of creating wealth and opportunities through the use of Technology.
It is obvious that Kogi youths when given the right technology tools and support can create products and services that will impact on the economy of the country positively, perhaps this could be the panacea to unemployment.
We believe that in the next couple of years, African companies driven by technology and innovation will be a big deal across the world.
Presently, Kogi state have over 12,000 upcoming artistes that has been churned out of various tertiary institutions across the country. These dudes, although are not able to get paid employments but they genuinely love what they do, they have passion for music. We believe there is a streak of ingenuity in men that can be buried or hidden and then emerge unexpectedly, what we are saying is that we should start putting these dudes on the agenda of the state. It is not everyone these days that want to become a Medical Doctor, Engineer or Architect, some want to become successful musical artistes, footballer or make up artistes and I strongly believe there is a way to help these guys do what they really want to do, we know what we are saying require a seismic psychological shift.
On the need for Politicians to be active on social media
It is so sad when we find out in these days of digital technology that some of our leaders are not on social media and in situation when they are they reel out daily messages that are not relevant to the community that voted them into power.
In some cases, what you read on some of their Facebook pages are prayers like; “May God enlarge your coast, Money shall locate you this morning” etc. These keep me wondering where they want the people to get the money from, it is ill advisable to steal.
KOGI AT A GLANCE hope to have a session soonest; I mean a formal session to discuss the future of the youth in Kogi state. The youth are part of a digital future of where cars that would drive themselves are being test run in advanced countries which means there won’t be need for drivers, VIOs, Road Safety etc that more often than not harbour our graduates to fend for their families. A car that would drive itself should be well equipped and faultless, 90% of road accidents on the road are caused by road users.
A high percentage of our youths are being used as political internet rats reeling abuses on opponents, some of them get appointments without them been trained in a particular field. An appointment is supposed to be a training ground for future leadership. The debate on the use of violence, blackmail and electoral malpractices had been going
on among us since the late 90s, we need a drive force of more imaginative and determined young Kogites to see how we could join the digital world and create jobs for our youth, not necessarily civil service jobs. We also need to sensitise our youth on the need to vote more technologically driven and people with modern day idea to power. If power goes back to the old it would be like going back to ancient days. The social media have given us the opportunity to determine our own future.
KOGI AT A GLANCE  would like other Kogites to join us in painting an idealistic picture of the future of Kogi state via seminars and our twitter page.
– Richard Babaeko is the founder and CEO of KOGI AT A GLANCE, a community development initiative and an empowerment platform geared towards sensitizing the youth of Kogi state.