All Those Who Laboured Against Wada’s Reelection Bid Already Have Their Cakes Of The Product – Comrade Nasir


By 27th of August, the day Kogi will be clocking 25years of creation, the Alhaji Yahaya Bello led government will be seven months old. Whether or not the supreme court judgement favours him, the state of citizens welfare at its aftermath is already predictable. After twelve years of the propagandist PDP misrule in the state, an alternative has been tested over the past seven months and concerned kogites already know the differences. Of course, those that said Wada shall not rule a second term either by word, action, prayer or resources already have their cakes at hand. The economy of the state is not affecting or impacting sectionally as everybody either feels the heat or splendour.

“All those who laboured against Wada’s reelection bid already have their cakes of the product”. However it is, the young dynamic governor has appointed his cabinet and the state can be said to be in full structure now. Irrespective of who worked for the victory and who did not work for the victory, ethnicity, creed, gender or religious affiliation, the proceeds of APC’s narrow victory against PDP has been shared. The only amazing reality is that things are not getting any better. Hardship is on the increase, workers now have apathy for work, employers are reluctant about employment and cash is only heard and seen on radio and social media platforms. By implication, the state is heading toward recession.

But, to those that wish good for the state, there is good news. The good news is-It is either you give up on government via positive innovations or speak up against the dire situations. Nothing pays like provision of needs. Power supply has become epileptic, Roads are wearing out, Rural water is total apology and insecurity has taken over the state. So, alternative provision to this ungodly decadence will no doubt save Kogi from collapse. At least, sensitization and cautionary advise can also save the situation. If Kogi must not fail, kogites must forget about the government, develop self-belief toward unique purposes and endeavours that will augment misfortunes. The government seemed to have lost direction. Therefore, as a progressive Kogite in this critical time, everything you do, every step you take, every sentence you write, every word you speak or do not speak-counts.

Nothing is trivial because the present Kogi government lacks empathy. The self styled new direction government has subjected kogites to historic hardship and untold stories never experienced since it ascended to power seven months ago solely with the smokescreen of staff verification while civil servants hardly afford three square meal. The historic monuments and round abouts that gives beauty to our history and ancient Lokoja city has been demolished without any recur. Rather than focus on citizens welfare, the latest siren is probing past administration and only God and time can justify how long it will take for things to get normal. Therefore, we must rise and take individual responsibility of our self, otherwise-the state will witness doom in no distant time.

Never feel by reasoning alone, you cannot do anything. You mustn’t be sugarcoated and eloquent to speak, you must not be a politician or journalist to check government activities. Moreover, according to Benjamin Franklin-“the first responsibility of every citizen is to question authorities”. You don’t need co-operation or approval to do this. Don’t think its not your job because in the end, whether good or bad, the consequence and good yield of any single action affects all Kogites. Irrespective of where we are, we must do whatever we can with whatever we have that Kogi will be great again.

God Bless Kogi State,

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

– Comrade A. M. Nasir

twitter handle: @Naadejohs

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