2019: Governor Yahaya Bello, An Affliction that MUST NOT Rise The 2nd Time – Babaeko

According to Jean- Jacques Rousseau, “When something an affliction happens to you, you either let it defeat You, or you defeat it”
Dear Kogites, the unpopular, accidental and garrulous administration of Gov. Yahaya Bello will be two years in few days time. The two years of GYB’s leadership in the state has not only brought pains, anguishes, tribulations and hardship but also pestilence and untimely deaths of some Kogi State peoples who could not survive his draconian rule and unresponsive attitudes to the challenges and plights of the people of the state.
As a desideratum, we must collectively rise to send Gov. Bello back to his sender especially now that President Buhari’s ears are apparently too busy to hear our yearnings and outcries. At the same time, our Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo’s hands are too tied to save us from the tyrannical, despotic, and low-minded governor of the state.
If Governor Yahaya Bello were to vacate office today, he would be leaving the Lugard’s House worst than he met it.
It is an irrefragable fact that this present administration has brought nothing better than darkness, affliction, jeopardy and discomfort to the state.
The good people of Kogi State should as a matter of urgency begins to shop for a replacement for GYB and his retinue of jackleg subjects and unschooled figures whose knowledge about good governance is unsophisticated, antediluvian and primitive.
We cannot afford another four more years of tragedy. How can I explain a Governor who has been in power for two years without a single meaningful project to be commissioned in any of the 21 Local Governments of Kogi State?
What a shame!
Our people must stop their lamentations and begin to think of a way forward ahead of 2019 when they would have another opportunity to make a decision that would either make them GYB’s animals or true sons and daughters of Kogi State. It is obvious that GYB can never make us feel like a true son or daughter of our lovely state if he continued to remain in office.
The delay in seeking a replacement of him will spell doom for us as a people.
We must resist any further form of  misrule. We actually thought we had seen the worst under the thieving political elites of the People’s Democratic Party until we witnessed and saw hell under the white devil who claims to be our governor.
Our debt has doubled without nothing to show, the insecurity and violence crime is beyond control and might likely get out of hand especially with the election around the corner. The school enrollment and the education of an average Kogites is threatened because of the abject poverty that has now taking over Kogi state which is caused by the ineffective and inefficient governor of the state who has mismanage our resources despite the fact that we have all it takes to succeed as a state with ample opportunity to also be an example to other States in Nigeria.
Only a visionary leader can redirect the ship of this state to the utopian State that we all desire.
It is in view of this worrisome and pathetic situation in Kogi state that I am calling on Kogites at home and in the diaspora to reject the  leadership of GYB and APC  (a party of retrogressive political elements) for bringing us to this present state of quagmire and dystopia.
GYB’s second term ambition must not be made to see the light of the day if we must succeed as a state.
I remain faithfully yours sincerely in struggle.
– Sheyi Babaeko, the candid candidate for the Kogi State House of Assembly, Kabba Bunu constituency under the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN)

2 thoughts on “2019: Governor Yahaya Bello, An Affliction that MUST NOT Rise The 2nd Time – Babaeko


    mr sheyi babaeko, thanks for that comprehensive write up. I feel I should let you and all kogites know that the man of peace is somewhere patiently waiting, the mandela of kogi state and Nigeria nation will soon contest for governorship in (The land of British Colony headed by Lord Fredrick Lugard) KOGI state come 2019 by the grace of God. God bless Kogi State and Nigeria


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