2019: Adavi Students Union Group Endorse Ishaq Asuku


The Adavi Student Union group has endorsed the aspiration of Hon. Ishaq Asuku Ilyas to contest 2019 House Assembly elections.

The group through its president, Comrade Usman Malik, gave its endorsement at an event in Adavi constituency.

According to the President, Ishaq Asuku Iliyas has done tremendously well for Adavians despite the fact that he does not occupy public office.

“He is a successful businessman who has given back to his community in the area of youth and women empowerment, award of scholarships and skill acquisition programs and it will only be wise to endorse and give him the mandate to represent the good people of Adavi constituency in the State House of Assembly

,” he said.

He posited that no aspirant for the state House of Assembly has or can even match the record Ishaq Asuku Ilyas has in Adavi constituency. He siad what the aspirant has done for his people is well known and documented, noting that if given the opportunity to serve he believes Asuku will do more


Comrade Usman Malik concluded that the youths in Adavi constituency have decided to throw their weight behind Ishaq Asuku and they will wait patiently on election day to cast their vote for him and make sure their vote counts and as a pragmatic and visionary student leader in Adavi that they are unflinchingly determined to support his aspiration and they will mandate all students in Adavi to speak with one voice and cast their vote for Ishaq Asuku Iliyas when the time comes.

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